High Speed Precision Live Centres

Piper 9000 Series - High Speed Precision Live Centres

Piper 8000 Series - High Speed Precision Live Centres


Live Centres

Piper R Series - Heavy Duty - Standard 60o Cone Morse Taper Shank

Piper C Series - Heavy Duty - Extended Cone

Piper U Series - General Duty Centres


Live Pipe Centres

Piper B Series - Heavy Duty Spindle Type Pipe Centres

Piper P Series - 60o Cone

Piper H Series - 90o Extra Large Cone

Piper Adapters A Series - Heavy Duty Morse Taper Shank


Special Purpose Live Centres

PL Series - Combined Pipe Centres / Live Centres

SL Series - Spring Loaded Live Centres

Piper PS Series - Live Centres Parrallel Shank P Type

Piper FC Series - Live Centre Female Cone Type FC Type

Piper RC Series - Live Centre Carbide Tipped CB Type

Piper W Series - Wood Turning Live Centres

Piper A Series - Heavy Duty Spindle nose to specification


Solid Dead Centres

Piper SDC Series - Solid Dead Centre High Speed Steel

Piper CBCD Series - Solid Dead Centre Tungsten Carbide Tipped

Piper LDC Series - Solid Dead Centres with Lubricated Point